Our Story

Founded in 2007 just outside Atlanta, GA, J R Burke Productions began producing professional content across several small platforms. Seeing the potential for growth in a catalyst city, Jacob moved his company to Los Angeles, CA in 2009 and began a collaboration amongst some of the top producers in the television industry at the time and continues to grow his network of industry players. As a collective J R Burke Productions has over 25 years of industry experience under its belt. Ranging from the production of dramatic narrative to documentary film, we obtain a knowledge that allows us to conceive any idea and turn it into a reality.

Jacob Burke, CEO and founder of J R Burke Productions made his network debut casting for The Sing Off (NBC).  Soon following was work in the same capacity for Live to Dance (CBS) and The Voice (NBC).  The next year saw Jacob transition from casting into production for the 3rd season of The Sing Off as well as the duration of America’s Best Dance Crew (MTV) and seasons 5, 6, and 7 of The Voice.
Along with working on major network television series Jacob has thrown himself into producing independent projects speaking to his passions including but not limited to:  Cycle Of Life, a documentary which he also directed, Sophie, a short narrative starring Jonathan Groff, Alex Lombard, and Marcos Fararrez, EVOLVER, a high concept sci-fi short well on its’ way to becoming a full length feature film, Mercy Tree, a music video for Anthony Evans which promotes not only his new album but also Mark Burnett’s Son of God, and finally The Diamond in the Desert, a short, action, comedy produced alongside Warren Zide (American Pie/Final Destination).  This has combined to create a working knowledge and platform from whence Jacob is currently developing a variety of feature-length narrative films.

Martin Moody, Cinematographer started his professional career in Hollywood, CA. Born and raised in Germany, Martin relocated to the United States before attending college of fine arts at the Utah Valley State University, then relocated to Los Angeles in order to further his education at The Los Angeles Film School. In 2008 Martin graduated with a degree in cinematography. Immediately upon graduation Martin started his path to cinematographer by working his way through the camera department. After just two years of working as a camera assistant Martin reached his goal of working along side predominant Directors of Photography such as Phedon Papamichael, Janusz Kaminski and others. Constantly using this work to further his own craft, Martin started shooting a variety of projects as Director of Photography, primarily focusing on the world of narrative film making. His experience encompasses shooting projects in all genres of story telling, as well as the diverse and fast paced world of commercials and advertising. Martin has currently completed work on over 20 feature films including projects screened at Sundance and the Berlin film festival, including Academy nominated feature films. His involvement ranging from camera assistant to director of photography. Currently Martin is shooting narrative and commercial productions in Los Angeles as well as traveling for productions across the world. Having experience in the producing field allows his productions to gain the most out of their resources. Constantly trying to push the envelope creatively and technically, Martin stays on the forefront of his craft and is constantly searching for new creative collaborators. www.martinmoodycinema.com